About me

Hi all! I’m Cloud, also known as the Undefined Traveller. As the name says, I don’t have a defined style of travel, as I believe, people will change from time to time.


My passion for travel was ignited when I participated in a work and travel program in the United States at the age of 22. Indeed, this journey has transformed major parts of me. I gained a deeper understanding of myself,  realised how much I love experiencing different cultures, how badly I want to try local foods, and discovered a passion for photography as well. 


The journey lasted approximately five months, and that’s when I finally had the chance to live my American dream! I spent the majority of my time in Nashville, Tennessee which is also known as the Music City. However, I also travelled to other parts of the States, such as New York, Colorado, Chicago, California, Nevada, and more. Along the way, I embarked on once-in-a-lifetime adventures such as skydiving, range shooting, and watching a live NBA game! Most importantly, I found the love of my life there — Jieyee, my girlfriend.


After all, I found a full-time job in Singapore but continued to travel whenever possible. Though my travels may not be as frequent, I promise they will be just as amazing. I will update my blog with new adventures, including itineraries that I hope you will find useful and fun, as well as some of the amazing photos I’ve taken.


Let’s explore the world together.

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